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Ryan Draving, CEO of Referable

Competitor Research

Experience: Digital Marketing, Web Development, Project Management, Outreach Strategy

Ryan Draving, CEO of Referable

Dr. Tau Leanord, CEO for Center of Dental Excellence

How to Get Customers Google+

Experience: Local Businesss Digital Marketing Extraordinaire

Dr. Tau Leanord, CEO for Center of Dental Excellence

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Video Business Tracks

Absorbe the knowledge of expert digital marketers in your local niche.

Premier Partnerships

Your new teachers are also heads of companies that you can use for discounted support.


Stay Ahead

The digital marketing and seo landscape changes constantly, let us help navigate.

Affordable Simple Pricing

$10 per month for just the training and $39 per month for support and training.

Local Digital Marketing Training and Support

Master our 12 part digital marketing training program and increase you precision, awareness and speed. We've aggregated the knowledge of a range of digital marketing experts so that we could deliver these methodologies and tactics to small business owners looking for more local clients. Learn how to pinpoint your digital marketing efforts to your local community or expand to your tri-state area. Watch as our experts take you through their process of researching, aiming and firing off an expert digital marketing campaign. Check out one of our videos. Through our local digital marketing training and support you will control with high efficiency you digital lead channels.

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Monthly SEO reports

Digital Marketing Increase your Leads.

Want the experts to do it no problem, We take a two-pronged approach to driving search engine leads. We’ll get you on the first page of Google within 2 weeks by starting you on an optimized paid search campaign. We’ll target the highest ROI keywords that your audience uses to search. Check out more here.

"Earlier this year a friend recommended CompeteLeap. I was skeptical but decided to give it a try anyway. The process was incredibly easy, and I would make the investment again in a heartbeat. In fact, I just renewed my subscription a few weeks ago.."

Dr. Richard Steiner

Web Development Build a Strong Foundation

We love developing websites for our clients. Websites to us represent the digital front of a business. Our websites express our devotion to good design which is the art of laying out the information in an intuitive and intruiging way. We use the latest frameworks and tools to opitmize quality and development time. We explicitly use Wordpress to give our clients the ability to edit their website in a Microsoft word style content management system. By developing clean and updated code one sets the foundation for advantageous SEO and organic digital marketing . Check out more here.

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